Apr 25, 2008

Show Your Desktop!

We would love to see how you are using multi-monitor in your everyday life.

If you've discovered how great working with multi-monitors can be, send us a picture of your setup and we'll be happy to feature it on our blog.

send your setup pics to blog@displaylink.com or just reply to this posting.


Sameera said...

Hey, I've bought a Toshiba DynaDock and I'm running Windows Vista. I have to tell you, your Vista driver SUCKS! I have tried the dock with a XP machine and it runs fine.

On Vista everything works great until I let vista download and install your driver. After that booting the laptop takes about 5mins. Again, if the DisplayLink driver is uninstalled, it works fine. So, I installed the latest driver found on your site (4.4). That driver caused the screens (laptop+external LCD) to continuously flicker and I had to pull the USB cable out. Then I tried version 4.3 from Dynadock's web site. It would increased the bootup time even more. When I say bootup time, I mean the entire time including the time Vista logs in (normal until your driver starts it's init), to the time I laptop becomes usable (i.e. mouse starts responding).

This device is a huge disappointment for me.

Jake said...

I have a laptop, one VGA screen and 2 displaylink ones:
shown here

Robert Prohl said...

For me, even under XP, displaylink is an abomination. Video performance is terrible; every day I want to throw the HP docking station I use it with straight out the window.