Jun 18, 2008

DisplayLink Simplifies Connection to InFocus Projectors

If you haven’t been a victim yourself, you’ve probably been at a meeting where it has happened. Someone is about to do a presentation when they notice they don’t have the right type of display cable or graphics port to connect to the projector. Another good one is where the cable is not a problem, but the screen resolution of the computer is, so people watch and wait while you figure out what resolution a projector will support. Well, through our partnership with InFocus, we have come up with a better way to handle the connection between a computer and a projector.

InFocus now has two projector models that will feature DisplayLink’s USB graphics connection technology. It’s as simple as it sounds. Rather then using another type of cable, users will be able to utilize a simple USB cable to connect their laptop to a projector. Now there’s no fumbling around for the right cable, or messing around with the correct resolution the projector will support.

InFocus projectors supporting the DisplayLink technology will include the InFocus IN3100 and IN1100 series. The IN3100 will be available June 30th for US$1499. The IN1100 will retail for US$1099 and will be available August 8th.

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