Oct 20, 2008

Mac OSX Drivers Released

Today Mac users can enjoy DisplayLink OSX Version 1.0 released drivers, allowing their Intel-based Macs, like the Macbook Air, to work with USB enabled monitors, docks and adapters. Now adding an additional display (or more) to the system will be faster, easier and more affordable than ever.

Beta drivers have been on the DisplayLink site for months and the released version features the following improvements:
  • Better 2D performance
  • Bug-fixes like support for sleep/resume, better compatibility with “Parallels”, and improved support for Fast User Switching
  • Increased stability

To download the latest driver or get more detail visit http://www.displaylink.com/downloads.html.


Hood . said...

Thanks for the mac driver effort, it's driving my 19" monitor on the right: http://www.filefu.com/view.php?fileid=462

Unfortunately expose is still really slow since it requires a full screen refresh. Any chance at getting this faster? I'm using an evga uv+.

Jake said...

how long until a Linux driver? Me and my co-worker have 4 displaylink (videk) driven monitors between us and this fact is one of the main things holding us back from moving to Linux now... grr!

With a laptop connected to 3 screens, we each have four screens each! http://blog.allyearbooks.co.uk/2008/10/17/my-new-awesome-development-desktop/

Jeremy said...

Uh, the Mac drivers don't work for the Nanovision MiMo displays. Fix this?

DisplayLink Blog Admin said...

DisplayLink is already preparing a fix for the Nanovision MiMo Mac driver and it will be posted shortly.

Mike Rowe said...

Any chance of a mac compatible Nanovision mimo driver as a christmas present :)

Great to hear that support is in the works, but the screen sitting on my desk is waiting in earnest for drivers :)

BikrDave said...

Perhaps a Mimo driver to start of 2009, then? Man I sure would love to try this screen out...


Rob said...

OK, Christmas has gone but I did find a driver.....

There is a working OSX beta driver available from


which I have working on 10.5 fine ( display only )



Marcy said...

My second Apple Cinema display works great with my MacMini, however the brightness is really dim (even with the brightness setting maxed out). Any suggestions on how to improve this?