Dec 11, 2008

Happy Customer Cites Easy Set Up

“DisplayLink technology has not only solved my immediate issues but is shaping my new business, too! Our newly-hired head of finance requested to have at least two monitors plugged into his laptop computer. He had previously worked on multiple monitors, but needed the mobility of a notebook. A quick search on the Internet brought me to DisplayLink and from its online shop, we bought two USB monitors from ASUS.

Compared to conventional VGA/DVI monitors, the product is so easy to use. You just need to download the drivers and the screens are on! No worry about graphics cards, etc. Indeed USB plug-and-display. I was aware of the benefits of multiple-monitors, but not of how easy they could be to set up. Thanks to DisplayLink I am now planning to include this technology in other areas of the business, such as security. Multiple monitors are a wonderful tool to increase employee efficiency by spreading out tasks onto different monitors or by displaying applications which need to permanently run. Thank you DisplayLink!”

Tricia Sabatini, VP Administration, Staten Island Terminal LLC, NY

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