Jan 11, 2009

DisplayLink and Windows 7 at CES

CES brought a host of announcements of new monitors, docks, and adapters--from the likes of Acer, Samsung, and HP--adding the simplicity of connecting their devices with a simple, inexpensive USB cable: all enabled by DisplayLink technology.

Once you've gotten used the simplicity of needing only a single USB cable to dock all your laptop's devices, or gotten used to a futuristic desktop extended across two, three, or even six displays with the same cable -- it's hard to go back.

Of course, another little announcement at CES 2009 was the public beta of Windows 7.

So, not wanting to put any Windows 7 enthusiasts through any withdrawal pains, DisplayLink made preview drivers available this week, just before Microsoft's official release of the beta. We've been working on these drivers for several months now, and these are the same drivers shown at CES. There are still some months to the release of Windows 7, and these are early, preview drivers only... but DisplayLink is working to insure that the "it just works" simplicity of USB is matched with updated drivers when this new operating system hits the streets.

These drivers support
  • The full Windows Aero experience for Windows 7
  • The new Windows 7 Display Screen Resolution panel, with better control over extending and duplicating displays
  • Support for the new "Windows-P" as a universal key combination for switching into and out of projector mode
  • Up to six screen-real-estate-expanding displays for multitaskers using Win7, all from one USB cable
If you're a Windows 7 Beta user, you can get an early peek at DisplayLink's Windows 7 drivers at http://www.displaylink.com/win7

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hw said...

Wow, I totally love your windows 7 beta support, thank you so much!
Keep up the great work, i love my evga uv+ 16.