Jan 12, 2009

DisplayLink Customer Presence at CES

With over a dozen customers having DisplayLink products on display at the show, our presence at the show was quite significant. With all the products on display there were bound to be demos that stood out. Here's our vote for the best DisplayLink USB graphics demos at CES 09.

Sexiest Displaylink Product Demo

This one was a toss-up between the Samsung wireless Sidekick 19" 1360x768 monitor and the LG wireless W2286L 22" 1680x1050 monitor. If there has to be an absolute winner, the nod goes to the Samsung, because of the better presentation and collateral used in the demo. Both monitors use the Realtek radio to provide the WUSB link so should be getting the same throughput. With Asus also showing a WUSB monitor at the show, this will be an interesting space to watch to see how these get adopted in the marketplace.

Best Explanation and Collateral for a Demo

The Asus booth had both a three-screeen Displaylink monitor demo as well as a wireless monnitor demo, and the USB monitor demo had great signage as well as a rolling flash demo and a super-stretched Excel spreadsheet. Congratulations to Asus for showing people how easy it is to connect and display with USB graphics.

Most Impressive/Imposing Demo

At the IOGear booth, the main live demo was a laptop connected to two large 720p TVs using their WUSB-to-VGA adapters. With a single host transmitter they were sending the video signal to both receivers attached to the VGA inputs of the TVs. The TV on the right was running a video as the one on the left had a large Excel spreadsheet and a window that they were moving from one screen to the other. Everyone would at first think the TVs were running a regular video loop like so many of the other TVs on display at CES, only to be surprised when the mouse on the laptop would move a window from one to the other.


kanatacrude said...

What would have really impressed me for CES would be a big DisplayLink demo of compiz. How cool would the cube look on the guy walking around with the monitor on his chest? We just need to see that linux X.org driver released. Hopefully this is almost complete.

Aaron said...

DisplayLink says its new unit will have a chip that can handle 4.8 Gbit / s of USB 3.0 and one can think that the rise in popularity of netbooks and ultraportables should promote the democratization of these solutions are not based on poor performance of the GPU that kind of machine. The crisis will therefore probably a major growth factor for this market.

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Aaron said...

The widescreen display (true 16:10 aspect ratio) enhances user .... Placed on the lower side of the monitor, the presence sensor detects objects within a 120 cm range. .... DisplayLink Corp. and Acer have collaborated to introduce the ... to see at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2009). ...

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