Jan 10, 2009

HP Announces Universal USB Docking Station at CES

HP are the latest technology company to take advantage of DisplayLink's USB Graphics technology, and have announced their Universal USB Docking Station.

Their new docking station can be connected to any HP, or non-HP, laptop to allow you to connect all your USB peripherals, audio and Ethernet cable and an external display.

The external display can be connected to the docking station via DVI or VGA, allowing you to either show the same content shown on your laptop screen on a bigger display, or to extend your desktop work space giving you greater space to view all your much loved applications.

The dock allows complete plug and play mobility, as there is a single USB connection between the dock and the notebook. You no longer need to unplug all the separate peripherals, or the video and network cables when you wish to run off to a meeting with your laptop. Just pull out the USB cable and you're mobile again! When you return to your desk you can quickly get back up and running by plugging the USB cable back into your notebook.

DisplayLink were the first to physically show the new docking station at the CES Unveiled Press event earlier this week. A demonstration of the docking station can be seen in the video below:


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