Feb 27, 2009

Show Us Your Desktop(s)

Computer enthusiast and all-around multi-task master, Rob, sent us pics from his three DisplayLink USB graphics technology enabled desktops. Check 'em out.

"I have two multi-monitor setups. The first is my desktop which has only 4 monitors because I can't find space for 5. The big two monitors are powered by a dual headed card. The small CRT is for video preview only from my video deck, and the little monitor on top is driven by an EVGA UV Plus+ DVI-USB adapter.

All these monitors are incredibly useful especially in video editing. Video plays on the CRT, and I put all the editing controls, media database, etc on the right-most monitor. That frees up the entire center monitor for the video timeline. The fourth monitor was great as I put all my editing notes on it (you can see them in the picture).

For photoshop: it's very similar. All toolbars, pallets, and docks are on the left monitor, leaving the center monitor free for only my photo. (I'll rotate that monitor if I'm working on a portrait shot instead of a landscape). On my little EVGA monitor, I'll put notes, Adobe Bridge, or a tutorial if I'm trying something new. I've gotten so attached to this setup that I can't work on Photoshop with one monitor anymore.

The second setup is for my laptop. I've got an ASUS VW223B monitor with built-in DisplayLink support. Into the monitor's built-in hub, I plug USB sound, and mouse. This gives me essentially a docking station that fires everything up with a single USB cable - very tidy.

The ASUS monitor doesn't normally go vertical, but I love using vertical monitors for writing or surfing, so I use a Neoflex stand attached to the VESA bracket on the ASUS. This stand is much better as it allows me to rotate the monitor and has a height adjustment. At about $210 for both, it gives me more functionality than monitors $100 more. As you can see in the picture, there's space for at least one more..."

Thanks Rob for showing us your desktop, er, desktops!

Feb 25, 2009

Busy Journalists Use Multiple Displays

We recently came across this great picture of Lance Ulanoff, Editor in Chief and VP of Content for PCMag.com, using multiple displays. In today's fast-paced, media everywhere environment, today's busy Journalists, Bloggers and Tweeters are juggling an array of content from many sites and, often, many devices - laptops, desktops, mobile phones and more. Multiple displays is the best way to manage and organize your visual workspace.

Lance thank you for sharing your desktop with DisplayLink.

See HP USB Graphics in Action on YouTube

DisplayLink is proud to announce HP as a customer, offering both USB Docking Stations and USB Graphics Adapters. Check out these home grown videos about these cool new products here:


HP USB Docking Station: Lid Closed

HP USB Graphics Adapter


Feb 14, 2009

Get Exclusive Access to DisplayLink's Latest Software

After the success of the Mac beta program DisplayLink ran last year we are about to start another Beta Testing Program, but this time for Windows users.

DisplayLink's latest software release has undergone a significant overhaul and we want to give some of you exclusive early access to the software to try it out and give us feedback on your experience.

The beta testing program is set to begin on the 24th February 2009, and registration is now open!

If you are interested in participating in this simply register here now, and you will be notified how to obtain an exclusive copy of latest software when the beta program starts.

Feb 11, 2009

Diamond Multimedia Rolls Out Adapter

DisplayLink is pleased to announce a new DisplayLink Certified customer, Diamond Multimedia . With their new BVU160 USB graphics adapter most any monitor can easily become a USB display.

Some key features include:

· Resolution to 1600x1200/1680x1050
· Daisy chain for up to six displays
· DisplayLink usability software for easy desktop management
· Saves up to 80% power as compared to multiple graphics cards
· DisplayLink Certified for performance and compatibility

Read the Diamond story here: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Diamond-Multimedia-946951.html.

Do you currently use a USB graphics adapter? If so, tell us what you think and how it has made your visual workspace more productive. Drop a comment here.

Feb 10, 2009

Show Us Your Desktop: Mac Mini with EVGA UV Plus

Brad writes to DisplayLink, "Here's my Mac Mini setup. I am using the eVGA 16 Plus. Thanks for the excellent software. If you could get it to work with iMovie and other Quartz Extreme that would make it perfect."

Thanks for sharing your pic Brad!