Apr 30, 2009

Visit DisplayLink at Interop 2009

Join DisplayLink and customers in Las Vegas at Interop 2009! May 19 - 21 in Booth 2056, DisplayLink will demonstrate its USB graphics technology in a variety of end devices that are great for business productivity and provide easy set up of multiple displays.

USB Universal Docking Stations
USB docking stations use the same peripheral connections as a proprietary dock: video, USB peripherals, audio and Ethernet with the added advantage of using a Universal USB connection (wired or wireless)to the notebook including those without an integrated dock. USB docking stations also create a true hot-desking experience, reduce total cost of ownership, and include an MSI Installer for fast corporate deployment.

USB Monitors
Easily add additional displays to any USB 2.0 enabled PC/notebook or netbook (that's most of them by the way) without the need for any additional graphics cards. Multiple monitors increase productivity. USB monitors reduce power consumption and can be easily daisy chained to add up to six displays.

USB Graphics Adapters (UGAs)
Reuse old displays and add screen real estate to your notebook (we recommend three for the optimal setup for business applications) using an affordable and portable adapter.

USB Projectors
USB graphics make starting and sharing presentations on a large screen a snap.

Don't want to wait until Interop to decide which device to buy? Visit www.displaylink.com/shop to find the perfect product now.

Apr 21, 2009

Tweet, IM, Manage Photoshop with MIMO Display

Nanovision Mimo 7" USB Powered LCD Monitors Profiled on Hot Hardware

"DisplayLink support has been showing up in a growing collection of display products, such as monitors, projectors, docking stations, and adapters (such as DVI-to-USB adapters). One of the display types that DisplayLink folks have been talking about for a while now, are small, 7-inch LCD panels--similar in size and shape to a digital photo frame. Such a small-format display could potentially meet the needs of those who seek the extra screen real-estate, but who either can't afford to buy another full-sized monitor or perhaps don't have the room for one. These 7-inch displays could also be the perfect accessory for those who constantly monitor stock or news feeds, or for those who like to keep their IM clients or social-networking feeds close at hand, but not necessarily taking center stage.

We're still waiting for the DisplayLink-powered, small-format displays from Samsung and D-Link--both vendors have promised that their products are on the horizon; in the meantime, the first such displays to hit U.S. shores are from Nanovision in the form of the Mimo UM-710 and Mimo UM-740 displays. Both are LCDs with 7-inches of viewable area that can be set for either horizontal (portrait) or vertical (landscape) viewing. They both use DisplayLink technology to receive video signals from Windows or Mac systems via USB connections; and they both are also USB-bus powered as well, so they don't have power supplies that need to be plugged into wall sockets. They share a number of differences as well, most importantly, the UM-740 includes touch-screen support, while the UM-710 does not. "

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Apr 14, 2009

Tricked Out Mac with DisplayLink

Every so often, along comes something that really inspires our inner geek. Check out the latest twist on making the Apple logo into a second display using the Century USB mini display and DisplayLink drivers at Edsjunk.

Apr 8, 2009

Win an IOGEAR Wireless UGA

Check out our partner IOGEAR's cool spring cleaning promo. You could win a DisplayLink enabled wireless USB graphics adapter and have a clutter-free fresh as the Spring breeze desktop. Sweet.