Feb 23, 2010

Dock and Go

If you are enjoying a new computer this year, the best peripheral you can add is a universal docking station. With a single USB cable you can manage and charge your USB peripherals including extra HD monitors, high quality speakers, cameras, music players and more. Dock and undock with the push of a button. It's simple expandability and complete productivity for home and office.

Try out the new mini docking station with USB virtual graphics, the Toshiba dynadock V USB Docking Station with Video is available now.

Show us Your Desktop

"I love my multi-monitor setup. I'm currently running (2) 24" Samsung monitors off of my MacBook Pro using a ViBook+ from Village Tronic. My only wish at this point is for a 64-bit driver to use with Snow Leopard."

Michael. Thanks for showing us your desktop.

Feb 2, 2010

DisplayLink Great For Managing Tablet PCs

Blog GottaBeMobile recently tested DisplayLink USB graphics adapter technology with a Tablet PC and says,
"For me, it enables something I haven't properly been able to experience for years, an extended monitor for my Tablet PC....DisplayLink has fixed my problem..."

Visit the GottaBeMobile site and enter to win a USB Graphics Adapter of your own. Can 't wait? Visit the DisplayLink Shop to find out where to buy one today.