Jun 23, 2010

An Additional Monitor in Minutes

Certified DisplayLink customer EVGA just launched its third DisplayLink USB graphics adapter, the UVPlus+ UV19, using the DL-195 chip for resolutions as high as 1920x1200@60Hz.

Why Use It?

Take any available USB port on your Desktop or Notebook and turn it into an additional video output for use with another display. With a small footprint and a unique magnetic-stackable design for use with multiple UV16 or UV19 units, UV Plus+ products allow for additional displays to increase productivity by expanding, rotating, or mirroring your virtual workspace through an easy to understand and operate software interface.

UV Plus+ is powered by USB and uses Lossless Compression for transferring video signal which provides a crystal clear viewing experience on your additional display. The GPU-less design utilizes a virtual driver and high-performance DDR memory with full support for Windows Vista Aero and high resolution capabilities.

Available at major retailers like NewEgg, Amazon.com and more, this is a tiny productivity powerhouse and an easy solution for an additional monitor in minutes. Read more at EVGA.

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