Jul 27, 2010

The Verdict is Thumbs Up for USB Graphics Adapters

Four and a half stars, top seller, "Excellent addition to my workstation" are just some of the comments by 22 users of the Sewell Minideck USB to DVI/VGA display adapter.

See for yourself as to why this is the best $99 you can spend as a companion peripheral for your PC or laptop. Benefits of a USB graphics adapter include:

-Easily connect a second or third monitor to your PC through USB
-Quickly and seamlessly disconnect and go, no need to restart the system
-DisplayLink software provides simple multi-display desktop management
-Put in your briefcase for multi-display computing on the go. Connects with any VGA or DVI monitor
-Daisy chain adapters and displays for up to six monitors.
-Multi-display without the need for dual headed VGA cards.

Jul 7, 2010

Rock, Dock, Desktop Organizer

Our friends at Notebooks.com were excited to get their hands on the slick new HP Media Universal Docking Station. Check out the Notebooks.com video and photos for yourself. HP has a great animation to see how it works too demonstration.

Can't wait to get your hands on one? Visit the HP site to buy one here.