Sep 30, 2010

Eye Candy: Wireless USB Display

Our DisplayLink Certified partner, Soundgraph, introduced this eye candy at IFA earlier this month.

And yes, we get excited about how our customers use USB virtual graphics in unique and interesting ways.

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Sep 23, 2010

When Choosing a PC for Multi-Display Keep it Simple

We often come upon interesting user questions. Our friends at Plugable wrote a recent blog post on choosing a PC for a six monitor setup to be used for stock trading and ESignal Qcharts. Read it here:

And while you are there, check out the user ratings for Plugable USB graphics adapters from readers, averaging a full five stars.

One customer says, "The DisplayLink product line makes for expanding to additional displays a breeze."

Another says, "Quite impressed with this display adapter. I wanted to add a third 25" monitor to my system for video editing, works like a charm."


Sep 15, 2010

Today's USB Virtual Graphics Tech

DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology is integrated into more than 3 million innovative peripherals and devices that take advantage of simple USB connectivity and solve real-world business and consumer productivity problems.

Check out a few of these beauties on display at Intel Developer Forum this week.

Wanna get your hands on these devices and more like it? Visit the DisplayLink Shop.

Interactive Networked Graphics - The Missing Link

This week at the Intel Developer Forum, DisplayLink is garnering a great deal of buzz about its next generation chip platform designed to take full advantage of the bi-directional, interactive nature of SuperSpeed USB 3.0, taking a major step towards any device to any display connectivity.

Features of the platform include:

• Single IC support for up to two full HD displays
• High performance HD video, 3D gaming, and beyond HD graphics
• HDCP 2.0 for protected content playback
• Integrated multi-channel audio
• Networking for docking stations and zero clients
• Support for leading display standards – DisplayPort, VGA DAC, DVI, HDMI
• Backwards compatibility with 3+ million DisplayLink USB 2.0 graphics devices
• USB bus power capabilities for both USB 2.0 and 3.0
• Proven Windows driver support (XP, Vista, Windows 7, MultiPoint Server 2010, and Server 2003/2008)

With such robust capabilities a new host of products will be enabled that create an interactive connection between device and display. These include:

• USB or Ethernet bus powered monitors
• Universal USB docking stations with graphics, networking, and audio
• Affordable Ethernet and USB zero clients for shared resource computing
• USB to HDMI adapters for PC to TV connectivity
• USB to DVI, VGA or DisplayPort adapters for multi-display notebooks
• Mobile device to display
• Dual-Headed USB bus powered graphics adapters

"The prevalence of USB ports and the increased power of USB 3.0 make it well-suited as a display and docking station connector for both consumer and business markets, especially in today’s mobile environment. Ideally, standard network interfaces should be easy to incorporate into devices and able to handle multiple interactive tasks such as audio, graphics and video across a variety of displays.
Rhoda Alexander, Director Monitor Research, iSuppli
For more information, read the DisplayLink News here:

Sep 8, 2010

10 Seats, One PC - Zero Headaches

Today's educators budgets are constantly being slashed, and IT support is often in short supply. That's where HP, Microsoft and DisplayLink step in - bringing 10 seat computing to a simple PC or laptop.
  • No messy set up. Plug and play.
  • No IT headaches. A teacher can set it up.
  • A full multimedia computing experience on each client.

Seem to good to be true? DisplayLink filmed this quick in house demonstration showing how their system works. Check it out the video and see for yourself.