Nov 18, 2010

New LCDs Unveiled at FPD Expo

DisplayLink’s unique video over USB technology is quickly moving toward becoming ubiquitous as it is built into an increasing number of innovative display and dock products.

The newest entries to the DisplayLink-based family of products comes from display manufacturer, Chimei Innolux, who recently unveiled its latest line of monitors at the FPD International 2010 Expo in Japan. The new line features 23.6" and 18.5” LCD panels using the new USB 3.0 interface, and a 15.6" screen using USB 2.0. The displays are powered by DisplayLink DL-165 and DL-125 chips, which gives users an easy upgrade to dual monitor configurations via a single USB connection.

Check out the full range of display offerings from Chimei Innolux here.

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