Dec 16, 2010

DisplayLink Alliance Abolishes Cable Length Limits for USB Graphics

A recently announced alliance between DisplayLink and VIA Labs could have significant implications for video applications requiring long distances between the host computer and display. The collaboration has resulted in the development of a new chip technology designed to greatly expand the USB virtual graphics ecosystem, and effectively abolish the cable length limitations for graphics over USB, benefiting applications such as digital signage and zero client systems, among others.

At the upcoming CES being held in Las Vegas, January of 2011, the two companies will demo a multiple zero client system connected to a host computer by a hundred foot length of optical cabling. The use of optical cable vastly increases the distance possible between host and display/client, and allows each end device to take full advantage of the 480Mb/s of USB 2.0 bandwidth, while adding increased security to the connections.

The demonstration highlights a novel approach to sending graphics over long distances of cable without signal degradation, using DisplayLink’s unique USB virtual graphics technology.

The read the full news release, click here.

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