Jan 20, 2011

VDI Making Its Way to a Desk Near You

InfoWorld's Peter J. Bruzzeze just wrote a great story on Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 and the potential of thin client computing in more than just academic settings. In the article he states,
"Although Windows MulitPoint Server could be a great tool in schools and libraries, I see real value in many enterprise-oriented situations such as labs, in-house training centers, and kiosk stations that workers use to check their schedules and so forth."

DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology can now be found in thin client solutions from both HP and Atrust that substantially increase the ease of use and set up of virtual desktop computing implementations as well as reduce the cost of such systems by eliminating the need for multiple graphics cards. Now a single notebook can run up to 10 individual OS sessions. To read more about the DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology click here.

Additionally, while DisplayLink recently announced driver support for the upcoming Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, some thin client solutions are using the Linux OS.

This is a time of growth and expansion for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market, and we urge you to keep a keen eye on this space as it makes its way to new and unique settings beyond education and emerging markets.


Peter Write said...

This is a great product that they have come out with great for more than one PC saves money.If everyone can have there own experience that's a great thing.
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Kimberley said...

Did you see the recent news from PC Magazine about Userful and DisplayLink enabling the $59 desktop?

Check it out here http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2380835,00.asp.