Feb 1, 2011

Use Your iPad for a Wireless Display

Now there is no need to let that iPad sit idle in your backpack or briefcase.

On the market for about a month, the DisplayLink iPad for Windows computers makes your iPad a portable, wireless display. Use the iPad as a dedicated screen for always-on apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, Facebook, Twitter, web news and more.

Read more and download it for $1.99 at iTunes App Store.
Get the DisplayLink iPad driver here.

Chosen as an Electric Pig Top Ten iPad App for January 2011, give it a try today.


Zach Trenholm said...

Would really like to have a wireless set-up between an iPad & a display, i.e., monitor so that whatever activity is on the iPad it's being mirrored directly onto the larger screen.

Anything like that in the works?


Kimberley said...

Zach this is definitely something we see as a possible opportunity, but not a small engineering feat given the structure of the hardware and the OS. Our engineers are noodling on this as we speak.

Thanks for your interest.

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