Jul 8, 2011

Organize Your Desk For $50

Fumbling with multiple cables is a thing of the past. Lenovo's video docking station, utilizing DisplayLink technology offers expanded desk-top organization, through quick and simple connections at the low price of $50.

Features include:

• Complete laptop control through the use of one USB cable
• Organizes monitor, external drives, USB mouse and keyboard
• Monitor can be used in the expand, mirror, horizontal or vertical mode
• Supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, plus stereo earphones, microphones
and speakers


Marcus said...

Based on this post I bought 2 of them. Your website (http://www.displaylink.com/shop/index.php?product=1#anchor164) says they have the DL-195 chip inside supporting my 1900x1200 monitors. However I have come to find that both of them have DL-165 chips which don't support that resolution, making them useless to me.

Wim said...

We have checked a Lenovo dock, and it is definately a DL-195 inside, so will support 1920x1200. There must be another reason why this resolution is not working. I would suggest posting on the DisplayLink forum, with your logs, to find out why.

Marcus said...

Wim-- you'll see that DisplayLink updated their website stating that the lenovo dock has a DL-165 in it.

I know it does since I unscrewed the case and looked inside at the chip, which clearly was labeled DL-165. Perhaps you were looking at a different model.