Aug 3, 2011

DisplayLink USB Virtual Graphics Enable Ease of Use, Daisy Chained Connections for New LG U-Series Zero Client Monitors Targeting Low-Cost Networks

The DisplayLink enabled new U-Series Network Monitor from LG offers ease of use through USB connectivity and further expands connectivity enabling users to daisy-chain up to three monitors together when running Windows MultiPoint Server operating system on a host, with each monitor acting as an independent workstation. Depending on the capacity of the host PC, up to 15 U-Series Zero Client Network Monitors can be networked on a single host PC. And it spreads across a physical radius of 15 meters from the host with multiple daisy chains.

“LG has capitalized on DisplayLink technology to offer a complete zero-client solution without the traditional zero-client device,” said Si-hwan Park, vice president of the Monitor Division, LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. "By connecting the LG U Series Network Monitor system to a single host PC, the host's processing power is virtualized on each monitor, creating an efficient networking solution with less hardware and lower maintenance costs."

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chpang said...

When will this be available in the market.